Car Parts Knowledge: Basic Grille Knowledge and Types Of Grills

Car Parts Knowledge: Basic Grille Knowledge and Types Of Grills

A car’s grille is a definitive feature. One of the first things that people notice about a car is its grills. A well-designed grille is usually the identity of the car. Brands and owners alike have taken grilles to a position of being their signature.

You can recognize a car easily just by looking at its grills. You as an owner can transform your car with a grille that will give your car a unique signature making the vehicle completely yours. Here I will be telling you about the three main types of grilles for a car that you see the most often.

Mesh Grilles

These are a simple and elegant type of grille. Mesh grills are the grille of choice for many of the world’s biggest sports and luxury car brands. These car auto parts are always in demand on the OEM and aftermarket sphere due to customer demands. This exterior car accessory is either made in one plate or is weaved or bonded through, depending on the complexity of the design.

You can get mesh grilles in many different types of materials, ABS plastic, stainless steel or aluminum. One thing for sure though, regardless of the material the mesh grilles will come with a metal polish, or chrome finish or a powder coating which is usually black. There are two types of mesh you can get. One is a Fine Mesh and another is a heavy mesh.

The main difference between the two is quite simple. The fine mesh weaves are closer together, this means that your car’s front grille will give off an elegant and chic vibe. Whereas, in the heavy mesh designs the weaves are further apart. This creates a rugged macho vibe for the car. Both are quite popular, as each person has their own definitive choice.


Billet Grills

Billet is the most synonymous term in the aftermarket I think. This is usually used to define grilles colloquially, however, its real meaning is that it is a type of design. This design is usually thin lines with a few thick lines in the middle. This term is thought to have come from the billet that forms when aluminum and iron is purified.

The billet grills are usually made with stainless steel and aluminum. There are ABS plastic versions too but the metal versions are the most popular. They too like the mesh grills come with a metal polish, chrome plating and powder coat in a color of choice. The car auto parts manufacturers usually use ABS plastic for this exterior car accessory.

There are basically two different types of billet grills. One is known as Horizontal Billet Grille and the other is Vertical Billet Grille. Like their name suggests horizontal billet grills have thin bars stacked with a few heavy bars horizontally. And the vertical billet grills have vertical bars.

CNC grilles

Computer Numerically Controlled grills or CNC grills is the type of grill where all the steps of making the grill are controlled by a computer. This means that you can design and shape your car’s front grille to your liking.

The computer control module means intricate shapes and pattern can be made without facing any problems. Even the finishing of the product, rough edges and all are glossed over with utter precision. This grille allows you to choose your own design. What it really means is that you can make your car your very own with your own personal signature grille.

Choosing Your Style

You already know what role this exterior car accessory plays in making your car your signature. No other car part plays a bigger role than your car’s front grille. So make sure you choose the one that fits your style. Be it the chic mesh grille, or the macho billet grille or even the customizable CNC grille. Make sure you choose the right style of front grille for your car.

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